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Weld on Sewer Cap Diff guard

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Many have had the pleasure of running back down the trail to pick up our diff guard when it fell of on that last rock. We feel we have solved that problem with our full sized or half sized weld on sewer caps. Made from 3/8 thick steel at the front. These covers will take all the abuse you can hand them. Plus they are easy to install (for sewer caps) they are designed to slip tightly over the factory cover and be tack welded in place. Simply line up the fill hole and you are good to go! The half covers work in the front. If you are using or choose to use a custom Panhard rod you can use a full cap up front for optimum strength. All the work can be done on the car!  

Rover Tracks "Sewer Cap" Differential Guard $80/ea


Prices subject to variation. Email to confirm with order.

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