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Heavy Duty C/V's

So you put a Dana 44 or a 9 inch in the front of your D90 and now you worry about those CVs! We have the CV for you! 30 spline 1.3125all the way out to the drive flange! The inners of the new CVs are 300M and the Cage and Bells are of 4340 Chrome Alloy steel..  These should hold up to most of the abuse you can dish out and still retain the Stock Rover balls. We can provide this kit to fit any 30 spline 31 spline or 24 spline Diff. And at a fair price!!  

Heavy Duty 110 CV Joint $231/ea
Heavy Duty Front Axle & CV Joint Upgrade Kit - (includes everything needed to upgrade your stock front axles and CVs including axles, CVs, bushings, etc) $1,200/kit


Prices subject to variation. Email to confirm with order.

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