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Heavy Duty Axles

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Our axles are made in the USA to our specification using a proprietary alloy. One of the nicer features of our rear axles is that the drive flange is integral to the shaft; this removes one working joint in an already stressed arrangement of gears bearings and shafts. Our front axles are used to install the larger 110 CV joints in the front of your D90, Range Rover or Discovery. We can provide drive flanges, and the bushings to make this happen or offer all the components you might need in several variations to suit your needs.  

Heavy Duty Rear Axle (for use with steel wheels only)


Heavy Duty Rear Axle (for use with steel or alloy wheels)  $440/set
Heavy Duty Front Axle  $380/set
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The above pictures show the differences between the Standard axle, heavy Duty axle and Extreme Duty axles [price not quoted above]. Besides a better quality of steel being used the axles are larger and far stronger.


Prices subject to variation. Email to confirm with order.

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