I have acquired 4 IPF 960 Super Rally lights which will be fitted to the roof of the Discovery. We have fabricated a light bar to hold these. The pictures market in red below show the roof top IPF lights. Note that the bar uses the existing front roof rack holes although extra holes were drilled to fit the rear sloping support bars. The yellow marks show the 55 watt reverse lights that were added. An extra reverse light was added to each side to assist with night time reversing activities.

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A new 3 inch custom exhaust exhaust has been fabricated and fitted. This was then wrapped in heat protection tape form front to rear to aid in exhaust removal and to keep the Discovery just a little cooler. Sorry no pictures yet. 


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I fitted a Safari brand Snorkel purchased from Chris Wood of ARB USA. The following is an extract from their website on the Snorkel:

       A Safari snorkel relocates your engine’s air intake point
       from a relatively low and vulnerable position under the
       bonnet to a much higher and safer location where a
       constant source of cool, clean air is available.
       Manufactured from premium quality polyethylene,
       Safari snorkels are incredibly resilient and UV stable.
       They’re individually designed to suit specific vehicle
       models, and are available for a broad selection of 4
       wheel drives.

  A Safari snorkel reduces the likelihood of  engine damage during water crossings

Safari snorkels are ideal for convoy driving where severe dust can have a detrimental effect on your engine’s performance.

UV stable crosslinked polyethylene body for the ultimate in strength
High flow air ducting & body ensures air supply in excess of engine requirements  
Each component is designed for maximum dust & water sealing  
Stainless steel & plated hardware for corrosion resistance  
Fully compatible with optional 7" or 10" precleaners ~ some models  
Unique evacuation system effectively disperses rain and unwanted moisture  
Completely Australian designed & manufactured

It was relatively easy to fit although I had to purchase a hole saw and rivet tool. The fitting to the air cleaner box as not as easy as the instructions suggested resulting in the need to fabricate a new bracket to allow proper alignment.

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