To upgrade the Land Rover seats we have installed 2 APK Formula 1 Racing Seats.

17april0002.jpg (19622 bytes)

These were purchased from Summit Racing  who have proven to be one of the cheapest sources of non Land Rover Specific items so far. Unfortunately these do not bolt straight into the Land Rover Seat brackets so we had to fabricate additional brackets to allow the seats to bolt to the Land Rover Bases.

17april0006.jpg (30196 bytes) 17april0008.jpg (44214 bytes)

The below picture shows the new seats installed with the safety harness connected.

Sh2.jpg (41371 bytes)

Seat Harness

I have installed a 3" Simpson 5 point harness to both Driver and co-driver positions. These Simpson Latch & Link harnesses use 3 in. military specification webbing and drop-forged alloy steel latches with durable cadmium plating. The 5th point has not been installed as such is not needed for our application. 

Schedule I of the CAMS regulations sets out specifications for the type of safety harnesses required. Also the Event organizers specify that a 4 point harness system is to be used. We have therefore installed the Simpson brand harness as per above. The first picture below shows the harness spread out prior to installation, the second shows it installed into the drivers seat and the third is a rear picture of the mounting to the bottom horizontal bar used for the cargo barrier. 1/2 " grade 8 bolts have been used at all points for strength and 3 mm thick 3" x 3" steel plate has been used to reinforce the mounting brackets when attached to the floor. This is slightly larger than the minimum specified under the regulations.

SH4.jpg (33577 bytes) Sh2.jpg (41371 bytes) S3.jpg (31281 bytes)

The existing street seat belts have been retained for normal day to day driving.

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