A New Fuel Tank.

With the proposed body shape changes as per stage 1, and losing 16 inches of length it became impossible retain the existing fuel tank. One of the requirements for the event is to carry fuel capacity for 500 kilometers, or approximately 312 miles. Assuming an average economy of  12 mpg, we needed fuel capacity of 26 US gallons. We chose to custom fabricate a stainless steel fuel tank which would fit in the foot well behind the front seats. Unfortunately this area only gave us 21 gallons without extending the tank up & over the foot well and impinging upon storage space. We therefore chose to carry a 5 gallon Jerry can to supplement our custom fuel tank.

We will be fitting an Airtex E8228 external fuel pump as a replacement for the standard Land Rover product as the standard item will not fit. Positioning of the fuel inlet has not been decided but one option is shown above in the last photo. To keep use of the standard fuel gauge we located a fuel level sending unit out of a 1988 Range Rover. This unit is side mounted and is separate from the fuel pump unlike later models.

Image Image
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Airtex E8228 External Fuel Pump


A few more pictures of the work done on 1st August 2004 appear below.

Stainless Steel Fuel Tank being put together More struts being weld in The partially welded tank being fitted in place to confirm size and fit
fuektankalmostfinished.jpg (46012 bytes) fuektankpumpfilteretc.jpg (44914 bytes)
Keith bending up the fuel pick up pipe Tank finishing and being sealed Tank installed in Discovery
fittingfueltank.jpg (48179 bytes) tankinposition.jpg (48500 bytes)
Tank in position in rear of Discovery An easier view of the tank in place

The tank is now finished. We have used fuel tank sealer to ensure that there are no leaks within our welds. Above you can see the tank being fitted into the Discovery. Rubber matting was used underneath to ensure no rubbing or problems between the two touching metal surfaces. Whilst not that easy to see we have a pre pump and post pump fuel filter with the lines then running out und under the vehicle tapping into the original fuel lines. 2" stainless steel tubing was fitted for the filler with it being attached to 2" rubber tubing to give flexibility and ease of fitment to the Jeep filer that has been employed. We tried various configurations of the Land Rover Filler however in the end it was just too much trouble just to keep the land Rover part so a cheap Jeep alternative was employed.


I hope to post pictures of the fuel filler point soon.

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