Being an Australian I have competed in many of the Australian Four Wheel Drive competitions but never got around to the Australian Outback Challenge, a major goal of mine. Mainly due to cost and time restrictions. OK I did not want my wife to divorce me. It may seem strange but living in Colorado USA now affords me the time and opportunity to consider the event.

If you are interested in this internationally renown Four Wheel Drive event and following our attempts to take on this event, please check out the following:

                                                                      The Discovery Short Ass takes its first jump, hope you can play it!

The above video AVI file was taken in Moab at New Years 2005 / 2006. The file is about 9 meg so may take some time to download. It is the first time we jumped the Discovery Short Ass when testing it's suspension. 

What is the Australian Outback Challenge? 

Our Base Competition Vehicle Last Updated April 2004

Stage 1 - The External Modification Last Updated 11th September 2004

Stage 2 - The Fuel Tank Last Updated 30th August 2004

Stage 3 - Rear Salisbury Axle & Extras Last Updated 15th February 2005

Stage 4 - The Suspension & Drive Line Last Updated 18th April 2005

Stage 5 - Front, Rear, Internal & Underbody Protection Last Updated 9th June 2005

Stage 6 - Cooling the engine and fluids Last Updated 13th July 2005

Stage 7 - Internal Fit out Last Updated 11th July 2005

Stage 8 - Engine Last Updated 18th April 2005

Stage 9 - Lighting, Exhaust & Snorkel Last Updated 23rd February 2006

Stage 10 - Winch, Battery Set ups Last updated 23rd February 2006

Stage 11 - Internal Bead Locks - Photos added 25th February story done 27th February 2006

Stage 12 - Front axle conversion to Toyota Internals - Photos Added 25th February, story added 27th February 2006

Stage 13 - The Disco Ships - Last updated 24th February 2006

Pictures of the Discovery at the 2004 Land Rover National Rally Last Updated 25th September 2004

Our Sponsors Last Updated 8th January 2006

Event Results & Photos



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